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Introduction Of The Properties Of Stainless Steel Wire

     In the manufacture of 304 stainless steel wire, some misunderstandings often occur, especially in some contractors. The Chinese standard parts net for everybody simple summary. Wrong point one: Stainless steel wire often appears in people's eyes, is a more extensive use of industrial steel raw materials, in many stainless steel wire finished products, the surface of the steel is beautiful and become to attract consumers quickly under a single big bright spot, the appearance of smooth and clean point of the steel wire more favored by customers, but the fact is, The appearance of the beautiful and stainless steel wire quality is not directly related.Stainless Steel Wire

    There is no difference between handmade and machine-made stainless steel wire. In the appearance, the machine makes the stainless steel silk to be more beautiful than the hand, but the machine makes the finished product to be more substantial; In addition, the manpower welding also needs to expend the manpower and the material resources, also has the security hidden trouble, this contrast, the machine manufactures superiority is self-evident. The selection of stainless steel wire is mostly small, this is mainly to see the actual needs of customers, but if blindly think that the small good is not scientific, specific problems to be analyzed. The above three kinds of misunderstanding is obvious, since can discover, has the opportunity which can avoid, the emphasis lies in oneself.Stainless Steel Wire

    Spring stainless steel wire is mainly used in austenitic and precipitation hardening type 2, austenite to 302,304,316, such as the representative, precipitation hardening type to 631j1 brand. In each standard, the chemical composition of the same steel number is basically the same, and the permissible deviation of smelting composition is basically the same. But ASTM A 313-2003 new standard increases the brand XM28, 241,204, the new grade uses MN instead of NI.Stainless Steel Wire

    The technological properties of steel wire have a great influence on the spring and reed rate, and also have a significant effect on the service life. There are more test items in international standards and American standards, and a few more items such as winding, winding, bending test, etc. In addition, the Japanese standard to test the straightness of steel wire, high arc and chord length, which is required for the steel wire process performance.Stainless Steel Wire

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