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Wire rope falls road people of Central neck down 2 ride

Morning ride be dropped rope neck down, bodily injuries. Yesterday, lying in a hospital bed He Qiugui think of the scene of the accident, still haunt.

21st, at 5 o'clock in the morning, He Qiugui who lives in Huangzhou longwangshan community riding an electric car from the road bridge from North to South, fast, experimental school, from the front, suddenly feeling neck Doppler a bit, then fell to the ground and the car as a whole, was in a stupor, she awoke in a hospital bed.

At noon, reporters came to the scene, found a little thicker rope is hanging on the side of the trunk. People say that the coil wire rope across what side of the road, but I don't know why I fell to the ground. Date at 3 o'clock in the morning, one man was riding a motorcycle, and thrown a few meters away from the estimate was injured. At about 5 o'clock, and He Qiugui to the ground. The rope circle was later passed by the people hanging on the side of the trunk.

Think of the scene of the accident, lying in a hospital bed He Qiugui still haunt. Reporters saw her obvious scars and redness on the neck. Due to pain, she is still unable to drink water and eat. Its right eye swelling, such as table tennis, to see anything. Hands and feet also have hurt, right to move the entire body. He Qiugui said that after the accident has been in a State of amnesia, and woke up only after the treatment. She said that thanks to the speed is not fast, not more serious consequences.

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